April 2022 : Ramadhaan 1443

Allah Ta‘ala’s Bounties and Signs all around us are innumerable and limitless. Mankind has been encouraged in the Quraan to ponder, reason and reflect over Allah Almighty’s creation, since it reinforces our belief in His Greatness and Power. All of us at some time or the other have witnessed the marvel of a weaver bird building its nest in our garden, a park or a public space. They build nests which are so complex and intricate in design, that humans find it difficult to replicate. Each technique requires a design planned in advance, site selection with adjustments to adapt to the environment and selection of the appropriate building materials. The complexity of design demonstrates the talent and skills of the bird as an architect, construction engineer and a site foreman rolled into one. And all of this is done in just a couple of days by using its beak and feet. Click here to view their productivity, unique ingenuity and construction, SubhaanAllah!:

In an unmatched spectacle of devotion each Ramadhaan, Muslims the world over collectively demonstrate an unrivalled commitment to their faith by total submission which elevates them towards the ideal as stated in the Noble Quraan, “You are the best of peoples, brought forth for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah….” (Chapter 3 Verse 110)

The act of fasting in Ramadhaan also engenders empathy for the poor, a true spirit of social belonging, unity, brotherhood and Man’s equality before Allah Almighty. This is a natural outcome that Muslims feel when they fast and worship in cohesion. They are joining the global Muslim community in observing the same duty, in the same manner, at the same time, for the same motives and for the same end, fasting from dawn to sunset, in worshiping the one and only Almighty God. In sharing the same feelings of hunger and thirst and out of this physical unity, their hearts are joined and brought together. This is the beauty of Islam, where an external physical action has a higher spiritual goal, as it ultimately binds the various members of society.

Ramadhaan weaves the hearts of people together. We remain as committed as we were 25 years ago in ensuring that you eat Halaal and wholesome not only in Ramadhaan but throughout the year too.

On behalf of our officials, staff, well-wishers and certified plants, we wish all an uplifting Ramadhaan of peace and prayer and supplicate that Allah Ta’ala’s Mercy and Blessings be with you throughout the Blessed Month of striving in worship, and that He weaves together the hearts of the Ummah, Aameen.

Click here for our Ramadhaan video felicitation: