Ramadhaan is the annual perfect platform towards refining and fine tuning
our efforts towards spiritual upliftment. There can be no better training
grounds for this exercise when Ramadhaan means restraint at almost every
level in our lives.

Eat good to do good is the perennial message to the Ummah in their quest
for eternal success and salvation. Halaal consumption is a catalyst
for righteous deeds as enjoined by Allah Ta ‘ala and His Messenger (peace
be upon him).

Let us make this Ramadhaan a life-changing month and try our best to avoid
making the mistake described by our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace
be upon him) who stated that: “Many receive nothing from the fast
except hunger and thirst.” Ibn Majah, Ad-Daarimee, Ahmad, al-Baihaqi, Sahih

We wish our Ulama and Ummah a blessed and spiritually
uplifting Ramadhaan of peace, prayer, good health, spiritual transformation
and reconnecting to our Creator. We remain as committed as we were 25
years ago in ensuring that you have access to Halaal and
wholesome food not only in Ramadhaan but out of Ramadhaan too.