Issue No.220 – February 2023 : Rajab 1444


We thank Allah Ta’ala, for the privilege and honour of serving the Ummah for almost three decades, Alhamdulillah. One can never express enough gratitude for His innumerable bounties. Believers who show sincere gratitude are assured increased blessing.

Allah Ta’ala says in the Noble Qur’an in Surah 14, Verse 7:

“If you are grateful, I will most definitely increase (my favours) unto you…”

The establishment of SANHA was initiated in 1996 by the Ulama and Muslim community leadership who desired that its mission be independent of vested business interests transcending tribalism, sectarianism and nationalism. SANHA did not invent Halaal certification but applied itself diligently to address the Halaal dietary challenges faced by the Ummah at the time.

27 years of experience at the forefront has armed and honed SANHA’s skills to the extent, that it has developed standards and systems of Halaal assurance that are admired and emulated world over. Along the way, amidst the appreciation and accolades from the community, certain myths, misinformation and misrepresentations have also followed our efforts. Some are recent queries whilst others have been around for decades, qualifying them as urban myths. While some queries are the result of ignorance, others are driven by nefarious motives and hidden agendas such as extremism or a disillusioned former business operator.

The biggest single contributory factor is the basic inability to separate fact from fiction, reliance on opinions and failure to verify information from the source. A fact is an assertion that can be objectively proven to be true. Facts are based on empirical evidence and are capable of being verified by third parties. An opinion on the other hand is a statement that is subjective and cannot be objectively proven. Opinions are based on personal viewpoints and cannot be verified. Perceptions are formed from opinions and are repeated with further interpretations on social media platforms which perpetuates the myth ad nauseam.

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We have aggregated some of the questions encountered and provide our responses thereto;

    1. Maybe they lack customer empathy because they are definitely a monopoly?

This opinion is devoid of fact and a perfect example of erroneous perception and contradiction. Over 3000 establishments certified by us proves the contrary.

A monopoly is an organisation who is the sole seller of its product and/or service and where there are no close substitutes. It restricts the entry of any competitor in the market. Eskom is an example where they are the only provider of electricity at a stipulated tariff with no alternative source to purchase from.

Others have, in contradiction of the above assertion, bemoaned the fact that there are “too many competing Halaal bodies.” It is a fact that there are several certifying bodies operating in South Africa.

    1. I believe that Halaal authorities have lost their credibility as they’ve become ego and money driven entities.

This is an oft repeated fallacy unjustly aimed at SANHA. It has been dispelled on many occasions. Click here for clarity: and click here too:

    1. The unfortunate situation that has arisen is that there are too many competing Halaal bodies. Happened to a close friend who was in charge of a national store that was to be Halaal, and he was asked “why are there so many competing and different bodies, surely for Halaal one body should be sufficient.”

It is impossible to comment on hearsay and scant information. Who is the national store that was about to be Halaal, when did this happen and what was the eventual outcome? Did they apply the same criteria of limiting their range selection on the basis that there would be ‘too many competing suppliers, surely one should be sufficient.’ Customers vote with their feet and take their business elsewhere if they are dissatisfied. This principle applies to Halaal service providers as well.

    1. How many small businesses do you think they’re really hurting? Who is standing up for them? Each of them is suffering in silence. Isn’t it time we all stood up for small businesses owned by Muslims.

This statement is another where the writer has failed dismally to verify facts. SANHA’s commitment to small business is on record by its words and actions. Click here to view:

The teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) clearly warns us that, “It is sufficient for a person to be called a liar if he conveys all that he hears”. (Muslim)


Part 2 of 3 viz “Fact, Fiction and Fallacy” follows tomorrow…