E-number: 102

Name: Tartrazine
Alternative Names: FD&C Yellow 5; C.I. 19140; C.I. Food Yellow 4; C.I. acid yellow 23; hydrazine yellow

Function: Colouring
Status: Halaal
Source: Synthetic

Health Info!!

Health Code: Red++
Asthma, hives, dermatitis, headache, hay fever, concentration difficulties, depression, skin rash, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, swelling of lips and tongue, hyperactivity, aggressive behaviour, insomnia, confusion, anaphylaxis, aspiri

Uses: Confectionery, sweet corn, cheese crackers, soft drinks, mint sauce, mint jelly, fruit juice cordial, canned peas, marzipan, pickles, brown sauce, packet dessert topping, jams, cereal, packaged soups.
Other Uses: Cosmetics, wool and silk dye