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The SANHA Halaal certificate is an authoritative, reliable and independent testimony to support your claim as a manufacturer or operator that your products or foods meet Halaal requirements. Consumers have greater confidence using products which are certified by a bonafide, reputable Halaal certifying body.

• Professional bona fide service
• Consumer assurance. The SANHA logo is often the ultimate criteria to the Muslim consumer or businessman whether a product should be bought or not.
• Recognition & responsibility of company’s Halaal status
• SANHA Halaal certificate – a national and international guarantee of Halaal compliance
• Ongoing audits of the Halaal programme ensure authenticity. SANHA’s certification is not a mere paper. It is a vigorous process from the onset and is ongoing.
• Logistical support given to company R&D for new ingredient assessment etc
• Company details listed on SANHA’s list of certified vendors on webpage. The SANHA webpage currently receives an average of 25,000 hits a month.
• National exposure via SANHA’s newsletter/s & print media.
• References given to potential local and global clients from as far off as Pakistan, the Emirates, the US etc.

SANHA certifies all types of products requiring Halaal endorsement by the Muslim Ummah. These include food, food ingredients, cosmetics, nutritionals and pharmaceuticals that can be manufactured under SANHAs Halaal Assurance System and meet SANHA standards.
SANHA’s field of certification concentrates on certifying establishments as a service to the Muslim Community primarily within South Africa and beyond as needed and requested.
SANHA offers applicants two Halaal certification schemes to choose from:
1. Local Certification Scheme (LCS):
This scheme is applicable to applicants based in South Africa and who do not export to the GCC Region.
2. Global Certification Scheme (GCS):
This scheme is applicable to applicants based in foreign countries as well as companies exporting to the GCC Region. Currently only applicable for categories C, D and E.
The SANHA Halaal Assurance System (SHAS) incorporating the SANHA Halaal Standard is applicable for both the Halaal Certification Schemes.
In addition to the above, for the Global Certification Scheme, compliance is reviewed for the following standards, as applicable:
• GSO 993
• GSO 2055-1
• MS 1500

Application Fee GCS R 3 000.00
LCS R 850.00
Raw Materials Evaluation R 600.00 – R 3,000.00
Preliminary Audits

(Based on Time and Size of facility)

GCS R 300.00 Per Man Hour
LCS R 500.00 – R 3 500.00
Legal Admin  R 1 000.00
Travel Road R 7.00 per KM
Car Hire R 1 000.00 per day

(Based on “full economy” class fare)

As applicable

(Based on minimum 3* accommodation rates)

As applicable

(Local travel)

R 750.00 per person per day
Sanitisation/Supervision Per Hour R 350.00
Application Expediting Fee

(Rate to be determined as per urgency and business size)

R 1 000.00 – R 3 000.00
Monthly Licensing Fees  Per Site
Butcher  R 550.00
Café/ Takeaway  R 350.00
Private  Restaurant  R 500.00
SMME Food Manufacturer  (Meat Products)  R 1 250.00
SMME Food Manufacturer (Non-Meat Products)  R 750.00
Large Enterprises (Meat Products)  R 2 500.00
Large Enterprises (Non-Meat Products)  R 1,500.00
Corporates (Meat Products)  R 4 500.00
Corporates (Non-Meat Products)  R 3 000.00
Franchisor Franchise Administration Fee per store  R 500.00
Franchisee Outlet  R 500.00
Per Cattle  R 5.00 or R4 000.00 whichever is greater
Per Sheep  R 2.00 or R2 500.00 whichever is greater
Per Bird (Daily) ≤ 5 000  R 1 500.00
5 000 to 10 000  R 3 000.00
10 001 to 50 000  R 5 000.00
50 001 to 100 000  R 7 500.00
100 001 to 200 000  R 10 000.00
≥ 200 001  R 15 000.00
Per Product Certification (Per Annum)
3 Way R 1 500.00 per product per annum
Non-3 Way 1 to 5  R 1 500.00
6 to 30  R 1 000.00
31 to 100  R 750.00
101 to 300  R 500.00
301 to 500 R 250.00
501 to 1000 R 200.00
1001 to 3000 R 175.00
> 3000  R 250.00
Audit Costs
Frequent Audits R 4 000.00
Exceeding 25 km’s from the nearest SANHA Office. Additional km’s shall be charged should the facility be further away than 25km for the nearest office.
Gap Audit Costs R 1 000.00 – R 5 000.00

(Applicable travel costs as per item 5)

Annual Surveillance Audit (GCS Only) R 300.00 Per Man Hour

(Applicable travel costs as per item 5)

Application Fee R 500.00
Certification Audit (Stage 1 / Stage 2) R 350.00 Per Man Hour
Legal Admin  R 3 000.00
Travel Applicable travel costs as per item 5
All amounts exclude VAT
NOTE: As required, fees may be negotiated in consultation with SANHA Management.

1. Quality Assurance

SANHA is committed to:
Promoting professionalism and excellence in the certification of Halaal foods and other products in accordance with Islamic law (Shari’ah); and set uniform standards and norms to protect and preserve the rights of Muslim consumers.
Ensuring that the SANHA certificate is an authoritative, reliable and independent testimony to support the manufacturersclaimsthat its products meet the Halaal requirements set by SANHA.

2. Confidentiality

SANHA undertakes to treat all information supplied by or obtained from the certificate holder in respect of its processes, trade secrets, prices and operations in the strictest confidence and will not divulge such information for the benefit of any other person or company.
SANHA is thus committed to promoting professionalism by adhering to high levels of confidentiality in its operations.Client information is a corporate asset which SANHA holds as an Amanah (trust) in accordance with the Divine dictates of the Shari’ah (Islamic Law).

3. Impartiality

SANHA shallconduct all activities surrounding certification in a manner that shall allow for continuous impartiality, objectivity, independence, freedom from conflict of interest, freedom from bias& prejudice, neutrality, fairness, open-mindedness, even-handedness, detachment and balance.

4. Non-discriminatory

SANHA shall not discriminate against anyone in any way whatsoever based on their ethnicity, colour, religion, gender or similar, within all levels of the organisation.
SANHA makes its services accessible to all applicants whose activities fall within the scope of its operations.

SANHA suspends certification in cases when, for example,
a) The establishment’s certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certificationrequirements, including requirements for the effectiveness of the management system,
b) The certified establishment does not allow surveillance or recertification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies, or
c) The certified establishment has voluntarily requested a suspension.
Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension in a time established by SANHA shall result in withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification.

The certified establishment is also at liberty to voluntarily request cancellation of certification with three months written notification.

The SANHA Halaal logo is a registered trademark under South African Law. The logo in its entirety is a trademark including any part thereof.
SANHA Halaal certified establishments shall only utilize the Halaal logo under written authorization from SANHA.
The SANHA Halaal logo cannot be appended to any packaging bearing a “product name/description” or “recipe suggestion” which has a connotation with pork, liquor, a name which inherently refers to Haraam products or any other Islamically offensive item e.g. ham, bacon, streaky crackle, jambon, sherry, cognac, wine, brandy, rum & raisin, pork spice, etc.