SANHA deems it essential to partner with and associate itself with various industry representative organizations and parties to be at the forefront when it comes to learning about new information and techniques utilised by industry.

World Halaal Council

The World Halal Council (WHC) is a World Body representingnon-governmentalHalal certifying bodies from around the world who have gained international and global acceptance for their halal certification processes.

The World Halal Council was established in Jakarta, in 1999, to standardize the halal certification process among member organizations representing different countriesworldwide.

SANHA is a founder member and executive of the World Halaal Council andhas links with certifying bodies across Africa as well as globally.

Proudly South African

Proudly South African was established in 2001, born out of the 1998 Presidential Job Summit which was convened by the late former President Nelson Mandela. The country’s official buy local advocacy campaign is aligned to the government’s objective of combatting the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and above all, unemployment.

Proudly South African is a membership based organisation, and only companies that have been audited and approved are entitled to carry the logo, which is a sign that a product or service meets local content thresholds and above all, quality standards.

Proudly South African works with the public and private sectors to promote increased levels of local procurement through supply chain structures, and with consumers to change habits of every day store and online purchases.

Proudly South African’s clarion call is Buy Local to Create Jobs.

South African Association of the Flavour & Fragrance Industry

Decades ago, the Flavour and Fragrance Industry in South Africa formed an association to unite local Flavour & Fragrance companies across common non-competitive industry issues, freeing up individual organisations to grow their business. This group has grown to over 60 organisations, all active participants in the Association.

SAAFFI is a Member of IOFI and IFRA, the two international organisations that deal with many aspects of Flavours and Fragrances respectively, including that of safety, on a global level.

Through regular circulation of information, Members of the association are kept up-to-date with what is happening internationally at IFRA, IOFI, Codex Alimentarius and the South African National Department of Health.

Within South Africa, SAAFFI maintains good working relations with other relevant institutions and associations of related industries such as SAAFoST, CTFA, and Coschem.

South African Association for Food Science & Technology

SAAFoST is the Association for Food Scientists, Technologists and other Professionals serving the food and allied industries in South Africa.

SAAFoST is a non-profit, largely volunteer run, national association of food science and other technical professionals which is concerned with advancing the knowledge of food science and technology. This it does by publishing a membership magazine titled, Food Science and Technology, encouraging scientific research and the publication of papers and articles, organising meetings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, congresses and assisting in educational activities. Currently the Association has in the order of up to 2,000 members throughout Southern Africa. The Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Northern branches attend to the regional affairs of the Association. The national secretariat is situated in Durban.

South African Chamber of Baking

The Chamber was formed in 1938 to promote the common interests of the Industry as a non-profit organisation in terms of Article 4 bis of the Companies Act, 1926 (Act No. 46 of 1926) as amended.

  • To promote the common interests of members carrying on business in the baking industry:
    • the promotion of Baking training
    • the marketing of the Chamber, the baking industry and baked products
    • lobbying on behalf of the industry by representing the industry on various Government and non-Government forums
    • supplying market and technical information to members
    • meeting all other appropriate general needs of members
  • To provide quality bakery products at affordable prices so as to ensure long term growth and prosperity of the industry and its stakeholders.
  • To encourage its members by lawful means to abide by a Code of Conduct for Good Business Practice setting out the standards of business practice to protect consumer interests.

Restaurant Association of South Africa

RASA is a recognised voice that speaks on behalf of restaurateurs.

RASA promotes restaurants as a sector of hospitality.