Certification of non-Muslim owned restaurants

Does SANHA certify non-Muslim owned restaurants? As a general principle, non-Muslim owned restaurants are not given the option of SANHA Halaal certification due to the logistical difficulty associated in regulating such a store. However, as [...]

Nutmeg / Poppy seeds

1)    I have heard that nutmeg and poppy seeds are not permissible as they cause intoxication. I have also read that there is a Hadith that prohibits us from consuming even a little of that [...]

Non-certified Nestle infant foods

1. I have noticed some imported Nestle infant foods but I didn?t see the SANHA logo on them. Please clarify? The following Nestle Infant products are imported and are NOT certified Halaal. Kindly exercise caution!NESTLE Cereal [...]

Breakfast at hotels

1.    Can we eat the breakfast at hotels? I travel frequently and stay at the Southern Sun hotels?Whilst we do not certify any of the Southern Sun hotels kitchens? nor do we have in-depth knowledge [...]


1.    What is gelatine?Gelatine is a protein, which is obtained from collagen derived from animal skin and bones. 2.    What are the sources of gelatine?Gelatine can be derived from either beef (bovine), pork (porcine), chicken [...]

E Numbers

1. Please can you explain what are E No's?E-Numbers represent specific food additives, used by the industry in the manufacture of various food products. These E-Numbers have been formulated by the European Economic Community (EEC) [...]


Glycerin Q: Glycerin - is it Halaal or not?Reason I?m asking is that I was told it is a form of Alcohol, but still seems to be found in some chocolates, biscuits, snack bars, etc.Answer:Glycerine [...]

Vinegar and Wine differences

Vinegar and Wine differencescd/04.12/rv Q: What is the difference between vinegar and wine? Answer:We outline the differences as follows:?        Wine is Haraam & Vinegar is Halaal?        Wine is an intoxicant beverage and vinegar a neutral condiment?        [...]

Cooking pots

Cooking potscd/04.12/rvQ: I used to cook non-halal meat in a pot, but recently began practicing Islam. I only eat halal meat now. So can i use the same pots that I used to cook the [...]

Different Halaal bodies

Different Halaal bodiesQ: I have a few questions which I hope you can help me with. We muslims are experiencing alot of confusion with regards to the different Halaal authorities that are popping up in [...]

Using a common microwave

Using a common microwave Q: Is it permissible for me to use the same microwave, at the workplace, that my non-muslim colleagues use to heat their food? Answer:The possibility of the remnants of Non-Halaal foods [...]


Thareed Q: What is Thareed?Answer:Abu Musa al-Ash?ari radhiyallaahu anhu narrated that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, ?The virtue of Aaishah (the Prophet?s wife) over other women is like the virtue of Thareed over other food.? [...]

Genetically Modified foods

Genetically Modified foodscd/04.12/rv Q: Are Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or ingredients or products containing GMO's Halaal? Answer:At the outset our guiding principles must be based on the Shariah. At this stage the issue of Genetic Modification [...]

Catering for Muslim guests

Catering for Muslim guestscd/04.12/rvQ: Please could you help us out with the Do's and Don'ts for catering Halaal for a group coming in from the Middle East?Answer:A halaal meal entails that the entire process from [...]

Work Functions

Work Functions cd/04.12/rv Q: I'm not sure if you will be able to help me with my query, I'm very particular about where I eat and cross contamination etc, but I am faced with a [...]

Halaal and Kosher

Halaal and Kosher cd/04.12/rv Q: Can you please advise me if a product is certified as kosher, whether it is Halaal.Some people have said that the process of certifying a product is kosher is much [...]


Q: I?ve been told that it is Haraam to eat sushi, on the basis that it is Haraam to eat raw fish. Is this correct?Answer: There is no prohibition against eating raw fish. Raw fish/Sushi [...]


Q: I would like to know if scallops (similar to mussels as they also grow in shells) are Halaal?Answer: Kindly be advised that scallops, calamari, crabs, crayfish and lobster being non-fish are not permitted for [...]

Shark meat

Q: According to Imaam Shafi "all" seafood is Halaal, what about Shark? Does that make Shark permissible?Answer: Shark is from the Fish category and is accordingly unanimously permitted for Muslim consumption by all the mathaa-hib.cd/01.12/rv

Whey Powder

Q: I would like to know if Whey is Halaal? Answer: Whey / whey protein is a by-product of cheese manufacture. As long as the rennet enzymes used in cheese manufacture is from either Microbial/plant [...]

Baking from chain stores

Q: Are the bread rolls, cakes and other confectionery items baked at pick n pay, checkers and spar supermarkets Halaal?Answer: Bakery outlets which are not certified/ approved fall within the category of Mushtabihat (doubtful areas) [...]

Collagen in cosmetics

Q: Are we allowed to use moisturisers/face creams containing collagen? Answer: Collagen is the most common protein in connective tissue, bones, tendons and skin of animals and fish.Where fish/marine collagen is used, it would be acceptable [...]

Alcohol in Cosmetics/Perfumes

Q: I would like to know if one is permitted to apply colognes and eau de toilette perfumes containing Alcohol?Answer: The alcohols used in creams/cosmetics etc. are denatured and furthermore are NOT from the 'khamr-asli' [...]

Urea in Cosmetics

Q: It would be appreciated if you can please investigate the above-mentioned ingredient which is contained in most body lotions & beauty products. Is it an extract of urine? Answer: Urea used in cosmetics / [...]

Butylated Alcohol

 Q: Is butylated alcohol used in creams and perfumes permitted for Muslims? Answer: Butylated alcohol is a synthesized chemical alcohol. Such alcohols used in creams/perfumes etc. are NOT from the 'khamr-asli' category which is najis [...]