Catering for Muslim guests


Q: Please could you help us out with the Do’s and Don’ts for catering Halaal for a group coming in from the Middle East?


A halaal meal entails that the entire process from procurement of all raw materials, meats, preparation, ingredients, processing, handling, equipment used etc. right through to delivery and serving should be stringently supervised by an authorised Muslim person.

In your given circumstances, we suggest that arrangements be made with one of our certified caterers who will provide the halaal meal, snack platters etc. Kindly contact our offices and we shall forward you details of Halaal certified caterers closest to your area.

Alternatively, you may serve them with seafood, vegetables, rice and / or lentils. You may use plain filleted fish but not the ready made crumbed and seasoned ones unless it is an I & J fish product made in South Africa which are Halaal suitable.

Use plain spices or herbs in the preparation and only pure unused vegetable oil, olive oil or pure butter.

Do not prepare, handle, store or serve any meat products, alcohol etc. with this Halaal meal. Ensure that new utensils are used if available or alternatively thoroughly wash, cleanse and sanitise all utensils, crockery, cutlery etc. before using for preparation and serving of the Halaal meal.

You may serve tea, coffee and / or 100% fresh juice with the meal.

Wine and all forms of alcohol are totally forbidden. Do not serve alcohol even for your non-Muslim guests on this occasion.

If any further clarity is required, please do not hesitate to contact us.