Cooking pots


Q: I used to cook non-halal meat in a pot, but recently began practicing Islam. I only eat halal meat now. So can i use the same pots that I used to cook the haram meat for the halal meat? Or do I have to buy new pots? And new forks and knives?


If the pots and utensils are in good order, there is no need to replace them with new ones.

What is however required is that the utensils be thoroughly washed and rinsed until one is satisfied that there is no remaining fatty residue etc. Once cleansed, the utensils be exclusively dedicated for Halaal food preparation.

Yes, where the utensil is badly damaged or scarred in the inside to such an extent whereby residues, etc. cannot be removed from the crevices then it will be necessary to replace such items.  Generally, plastic and wooden items would fall into the latter category.