Issue No.212 – October 2022: Rabi’ath-Thaani 1444

Ulama is an Arabic term given to Scholars who are regarded as inheritors of the knowledge of the Prophets (peace be upon them). Their many years of intense training and study of Islamic discipline at the highest level equips and elevates them to assume the leadership role of the community without fear or favour, transcending tribalism, sectionalism, nationalism and man-made ideologies. They are well-versed in jurisprudence, sciences of the study of the Noble Quran, the Hadith which is the traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him and are teachers and Imams of their communities.

With our AGM being just around the corner scheduled for this Sunday, 30th of October 2022, Insha Allah, our Ulama have begun arriving from various provinces.

Some of the Ulama members have kindly agreed to impart their knowledge via the Jumuah platforms of various Masaajid in Durban. We are deeply grateful to these Ulama and the host Masaajid for making this possible, Jazakallah Khairan.

We kindly invite you to avail yourselves for the Jumuah programs – detailed below:

Musjid / Musallah SPEAKER
1. Musjidus Salaam – Musgrave Ml MS Navlakhi
2. Sunford Musjid – Phoenix Mufti Yusuf Seedat
3. Beatrice Street Musallaah Hajee Mahmood Booley
4. Aksons Musallaah Ml Haamid Mulla
5. Mallington Musallaah Ml Shafiq Hajee