Issue No.218 – January 2023 : Jumada al-Ukhra 1444

Schools are back this week for the academic year of 2023. For parents, it is a continuous hive of activities from purchasing school uniforms, & books, making financial adjustments to organising transport, etc. for their children. Every parent goes the extra mile and makes sacrifices in providing the best for their children to get them off to a good start for the new year.

For Educators it is the beginning of implementing their yearly curriculum plan sports activities, arranging excursions, etc. For a Muslim educator, the philosophy of Islamic education goes far deeper; they provide the learner with knowledge not only to progress in life but also to make them realize their purpose of life and the way they should fulfil and manage their responsibility as vicegerents of Allah Ta’ala on earth. Educators prepare the youth to also play crucial roles as future parents and contributors that will keep our community growing and thriving.

Part of these laws, which are not only indispensable but also occupy a pivotal position in the Islamic belief system, is the dietary laws governing the lives of every Muslim, which in essence refers to that which is Halaal (lawful) and Haraam (forbidden). These dietary laws need to be impressed on the minds of our children right from their formative years, thereby creating a strong foundation and understanding of the dietary guidelines.

Due to this important role of moulding personalities and educating learners, Islam has conferred very high status and rights to educators. This can be understood from the words of the Allah Ta’ala when He says, “Allah elevates to high positions those from amongst you who are faithful and those who have acquired knowledge”. (Qur’aan Ch 58 – Vs 11)

We are cognisant of and acknowledge the immense responsibility undertaken by the institution of schools in preparing tomorrow’s Ummah, today. We express our gratitude to all our educators and thank Allah Ta’ala for their dedication in fulfilling this Amaanah, Alhamdulillah.

In our 27 years of dedicated service to the Ummah we have developed customized Halaal programs for learners at the various academic levels which takes them on a journey of discovery and gives them an insight into the importance of Halaal consumption and the related challenges that Muslims face in these times.

Our Ulama will be honoured to complement your efforts and conduct a program at your institution. It is sure to create a new level of Halaal awareness in the learners. Kickstart and supplement your tarbiyah program with the assistance of SANHA.

Contact our Helpline to arrange a program.