Issue No.221 – February 2023 : Rajab 1444

Part 2 of 3

Continuing from our part 1, Myths, Misinformation & Misrepresentations, we dive in and explore further queries.

    1. Do any of the Halaal bodies produce balance sheets? If they do, has anyone seen one?

We cannot speak for other Halaal bodies. SANHA, in upholding its mission of certification, monitoring and promoting Halaal products in accordance with the dictates of the Shari’ah (Islamic Law), gives effect to principles of transparency and accountability. It hosts widely publicised Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) in the major cities of our country on a rotational basis which are open to the public. Reports and audited financial statements are presented by the Office Bearers at such forums and are also posted on the SANHA website.

    1. The Halaal industry is simply a business these days. They even certify water for money.

There is nothing mysterious about certifying water. While water in its raw pure form is considered neutral and Halaal, there are factors in the production of bottled water and water treatment processes which can impact on its Halaal status. Different types of water filters are utilised where the filter material can be derived from animal sources. Then there is the use of flavours and additives that could contain non-Halaal constituents.

    1. Why doesn’t SANHA offer a free certification service? In that way there will be no accusation of money making.

The enormous operational costs for a professional service and the documented failure of the free funding model is compelling evidence for the sustainable model embraced by our Ulama. Click here for a detailed view;

    1. It is stated that SANHA as a non-profit organisation should be serving the community and not for profit, fancy flights and fancy salaries.

We are a registered NPO which achieves annual compliance with the authorities. Halaal certification is our only activity. No dividends are ever paid out to stakeholders, Executives and Trustees who serve on a pro bono basis without “fancy flights and fancy salaries.”In keeping with the words of the Noble Quran in Chapter 2, Verse 111, “…….Produce your proof if you are truthful,”evidence ought to be supplied to establish veracity.

    1. When SANHA states an establishment is “not certified” by them, “exercise caution” or that “it has not received the required information”, does it render the product Haraam?

Indeed, making any declaration of Halaal to Haraam and vice versa is a heinous and unforgivable sin of “shirk” i.e., ascribing partners to Allah Ta’ala. Our stance has always been one of declaring the truth where we do not have the requisite information to pass a decision. These terminologies do not infer that the product is Haraam. We have been adamant and consistent on this stance since our inception 27 years ago. We cannot give assurance on that which we have no information and/or oversight. Click here to understand our stance:

    1. What about legal challenges against SANHA on this position?

The secular judicial process should be a last resort for Muslims. However, it is a welcome process in the quest for justice and relief, as it affords aggrieved parties the right to call and cross examine witnesses, not to incriminate oneself, not to be tried on secret evidence or exclude evidence that is improperly obtained, irrelevant or inadmissible e.g. hearsay, punishment for perjury, the right to exclude judges on the grounds of partiality or conflict of interest, the right of appeal etc. The judgement brings about closure.

We remind ourselves of the words from the Noble Quran in Chapter 3 Verse 110 and pray that we all can live by them.  “You are the best nation that has been raised up for mankind; you enjoin right conduct, forbid evil and believe in Allah”

Part 3 of 3 viz “Q & A – not Quarrels and Arguments” follows tomorrow…