Issue No.124 – April 2023 : Shawwal 1444

The greatest value in the life of a Muslim is the opportunity to earn eternal Salvation by obeying
the Laws of Allah Ta’ala. Attesting to this are the advisory words of the Prophet sallallaahu
alaihi wa sallam who is reported to have said:

“Say, I believe in Allah and then be steadfast.” (Muslim)

Being steadfast translates to being resolutely dutiful, devoted, determined and constant in
purpose. We demonstrated this capability in this Mubarak month of Ramadhaan with a surge of
heightened obedience to the laws of Allah Ta’ala. We abstained from that which
is normally Halaal at other times i.e., Halaal food and drink and intimacy with one’s
spouse from dawn to dusk.

Upholding the laws of Halaal and Haraam are perpetual obligatory adherences in the life of a
Muslim. There is no break or pause from this, whether in Ramadhaan or out of
Ramadhaan; Halaal consumption is the law that remains. The negative impact of eating Haraam
in Ramadhaan and out of Ramadhaan remains the same, i.e. the slippery slope to spiritual

When abstention is done so diligently and routinely for 30 consecutive days, shunning Haraam
in obedience to the Laws of Allah, then let us continue this commitment to remain steadfast
always, Insha Allah.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the illustrious Ulama who have served the Ummah most
conscientiously throughout Ramadhaan, the Huffath who led us in Taraweeh as well as to our
Musaajid officials, congregants and the Ummah at large on the joyous occasion of Eid. May
Allah Ta’ala graciously accept all our acts of ibadah, devotion and supplications during the
month of Ramadhaan, Aameen

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