Issue No.229 – June 2023 : Thul Qadah 1444

As we reach the climax of the commemoration of Eid al-Adha, we can only but reflect on the life and times of not only the Prophet Ibraheem (peace be upon him) but his family too. Their constant support and unwavering display of submission to the Will and Command of Allah Ta’ala is clearly evident. Allah Ta’ala put to test the faith (Imaan) of this family at different stages of their lives as attested to in the Qur’aan, “And remember when His lord tried Ebrahim by (His) Commandments and the latter fulfilled them, He said: “Behold, I shall make thee a leader of Men.” He (Ebrahim peace be upon him) then asked: “And will thou make leaders of my offspring as well?” He (Allah Ta’ala) answered: “My covenant does not embrace the evildoers.” (Chapter 2, Verse 124)

So beloved did these sacrifices become to Allah Ta’ala that He ordained that these unrivalled acts of devotion and submission become part of the indispensable rituals of Hajj, the 5th pillar of Islam. Therefore in performing the Hajj these acts form part of the rituals of this Ibaadah as a commemoration and a tribute to this great and illustrious family who gave up everything for the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala.

Thus, the essence of Qurbaani goes way beyond the sacrificial animal and a sharp knife. Its deeper meaning is that should we wish to gain the proximity to Allah Ta’ala, we need to sacrifice everything that is causal to His Displeasure and embrace everything that invites His lasting Pleasure. Consumption of Haraam happens to be amongst the foremost and leading acts that openly invite His Wrath and comes directly in between Him and a servant.

SANHA Officials, Management and Staff wish all a blessed and joyous Eid al-Adha. May Allah Ta’ala in His Infinite Grace and Mercy accept our acts of sacrifice and most importantly make us imbibe the true spirit of Qurbaani which is putting Allah Ta’ala first before anything else! Aameen

Kindly note SANHA Office Closure for EID Celebrations:

Closes: Thursday, 29th June

Re-opens: Monday, 3rd July

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