Issue No.236 – September 2023

Humans are social beings who live and work embracing connection, intimacy, trust and friendship through meetings and interaction. From the two-person coffee shop chat to office and formal meetings, social and family gatherings, religious and political assemblies, association and sporting events to exhibitions and conventions, the need to socialise is innate. Forums exist for everything from discussions of problems, decision making, trade initiatives, weddings, family reunions, company milestones, team building, product launches and so on.

Food is the link that brings people together and strengthens connections. It features in all our celebrations and is an integral part of meetings and gatherings. Whether it is the finger lunch platter at a small office meeting or a full blown conference set up for Muslims, Halaal is always the mandatory need as a non-negotiable article of faith. An event’s success can rise or fall on the catering service as would the spiritual outcome for Muslims.

Alhamdulillah, for the small to medium size events there are a multitude of venues and certified Halaal caterers including home caterers that meet the community’s needs in the supply chain.

However, major events involving large numbers of national and international delegates, organisers require prestigious amenities offering convenient location, accommodation, airport transfer services, large conference auditoriums, breakaway rooms and digital technology services. Also speciality food throughout the conference days of breakfast, lunch, supper, teas and snacks in between and the need for Halaal for hundreds of delegates. Unfortunately, their choices in this case are limited to very few at the apex of the supply pyramid.

Almost without exception, these venues undertake the catering from in-house kitchens. They have invested in equipment and resources in providing services throughout the year to patrons of all persuasions. Most kitchens in their normal operations store, prepare and serve non-halaal meals and alcohol. They are unwilling to have an “outside” operator disrupt their operations and forgo profits by the takeover of a single event based on the special need for Halaal.

Their best option offered to the community is “Halaal friendly” meals on the basis of their claim of purchasing meat from Muslim suppliers and an “assurance” that it is prepared separately. There is no such concept of Halaal friendly in the Shariah – click here to view :

Whilst the acceptance of this solves the event organiser’s problem, it is a great disservice to the institution of Halaal and to Muslim patrons. The public interpret the use of the services by prominent Islamic associations, institutions and personalities as an endorsement of their Halaal status.

One-off Certification Solution

Upon requests, we have provided this form of certification for various corporate events. It is confined to the one-off certification for the particular event.

A contract is entered into between the event organiser, ourselves and the venue. Our team then undertakes the process of a preliminary visit, evaluation of the premises, examination of the menu, number of meals to be served, duration of the event and costs. Due diligence is done on the products, ingredients and their source of supply. An assessment is done on the preparation, storage, production and heating areas which does include sanitization and washdown of equipment as required by Islamic dietary law.

On the day, supervisors appointed are present on-site with a hands-on approach ensuring that every aspect of the agreed Halaal program is upheld.

Contact our Helpline for details.

No ostentatious morsels of food and frippery is worth compromising our priceless Imaan.