Issue No.243 : January 2024

In a world where consumers seek transparency, trust and assurance in their food choices, the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) stands out as the embodiment of an independent Halaal trust. With 28 years of unwavering commitment to its mission, SANHA has become the preferred Halaal certifier for almost 3,000 establishments and over several hundred thousand products. SANHA’s success can be attributed to its deep focus on integrity, sustainability, and independence.

Focused Mission

SANHA’s only mission, to the exclusion of other societal activities, is clear and unambiguous: to promote professionalism and excellence in the certification, monitoring and promotion of Halaal products in accordance with the Divine dictates of Islamic Law. SANHA is neither a subsidiary of any other Trust/organization nor does SANHA have any ancillary division to distract from its focus of providing a par excellence Halaal service. It does neither belong to nor owes allegiance to any associate organisation driven by historical, cultural and/or business interests. It is apolitical and carries out its mission without fear or favour.


The Board of Trustees at SANHA consists of respected members of the community, many of whom are drawn from the Ulama fraternity. What sets them apart is their selflessness and commitment to the cause – they receive no salaries or dividends for their service. Instead, they serve the mission on a pro bono basis, overseeing policy and governance matters. Importantly, the trustees have no vested interests or conflicts when it comes to operational matters, ensuring the integrity and impartiality of the certification process.


Every staff member at SANHA operates under a strict code of conduct, declaration of interests and confidentiality agreements. These measures are in place to safeguard against any conflict of interest and to maintain the highest level of integrity in the certification process. SANHA’s commitment to impartiality and fairness is evident at every level of its operation.

Impartiality Committee

In addition to an Appeals and Complaints Committee that is open to addressing all matters, SANHA has established a robust Impartiality Committee. This committee comprises independent members drawn from various sectors of the community who volunteer their time and expertise pro bono. Their role is to ensure the impartiality and fairness of SANHA’s policies and procedures, further bolstering its reputation.


SANHA operates on a self-sustaining model, relying solely on the fees it receives for its certification services. According to its constitution, any surplus funds are reinvested into Halaal certification. This financial discipline ensures the long-term sustainability of SANHA as an independent Halaal trust.

Transparency is a cornerstone of SANHA’s values and demonstrates its commitment to openness, which is reinforced by publishing audited financial statements annually. These statements are distributed at well-publicized open public Annual General Meetings (AGMs) held in major cities across the country. SANHA also actively engages with the public through appearances at Masaajid, schools, exhibitions, conferences, special interest groups and media interactions. This openness fosters trust and allows the community to be kept informed.


In a world where integrity and trust are paramount, the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) is a beacon of independence, integrity, and sustainability. Its laser-focused mission, dedicated trustees, stringent staff guidelines, impartiality committee, sustainable financial model and commitment to transparency makes it the certifier of choice for countless establishments and products. SANHA’s unwavering dedication to its core values ensures that consumers can make informed dietary choices and businesses can confidently tap into the growing Halaal market. In an ever-changing landscape, SANHA remains a steadfast guardian of Halaal standards providing assurance and authenticity for all who seek it.

SANHA – Your Independent Mark of Trusted Halaal Assurance