Issue No.245 : January 2024

Nefarious anti-Islam and Islamophobic elements are at it again!

This time around, they have, in a desperate manner, sought to whip up an anti-Halaal sentiment in South Africa. Lacking the courage of showing their faces, they have anonymously-circulated a video clip which is laden with blatant untruths alleging amongst other things that the 2% Muslim population of South Africa have captured the food and beverages industry, and “sucking the blood” of the 85% Christian population, by forcibly levying Halaal fees whose revenues are diverted towards funding terrorism.

Two things should be telling in this latest episode of disinformation.

Firstly, this line of attack is not new. A version of the same video was circulated, five years ago. The change in the rehashed but still hate-inciting message is just the foreign-accented voice over. It is noteworthy that when claims made in the video first emerged in 2018, they were comprehensively debunked and dispelled not only in the media, but also through a governmental enquiry by the CRL Commission, where Beth-Din, as a Jewish Faith agency for Kosher-assurance was also represented.

Click here: and here: for the media reports.

Secondly, the timing of the circulation of this regurgitated message should not be some coincidence. No sooner the judgement by the International Court of Justice was delivered in South Africa’s favour against Israel on the risk of genocide in Palestine than shadowy dark forces with evil intent emerged, sowing dissent in our country. The exclusive attack on Halaal, among the several religious-based labels on food and beverage packaging reveals the agenda of the social media peddlers of the video clip.

Even our banking institutions, with their impeccable record of adherence to the strictest regulatory standards in the world are now being accused of serving as conduits of funding terror! Yet, the accusers conveniently disregard horrendous Israel’s genocidal war on Palestinian children, women and defenceless civilians where the toll of the killed, wounded and missing has now reached 100000.

SANHA explained (read here and here its stance and the rationale of religious and other symbols on food items, as far back as 12 years ago, in the face of a much-publicised threat, but failed court action and boycott of retailers stocking food and beverages with religiously-inspired dietary labels.

We urge enquirers to examine the evidence and not become an inadvertent ally of malicious rumour-mongering by the automatic forwarding of the hateful media.

Trying to destroy those who speak the truth is doomed, for you cannot destroy the truth itself.