Issue No.113 – June 2022 : Thul Qa’dah 1443

Two and a half years ago a dramatic event, the likes of which had never been seen in our lifetime, shook the
world and changed our way of life. It was the emergence of an unknown virus, which developed into a full-blown
pandemic with devastating effect. Named COVID 19, to date it has claimed 6,28 Million lives of fellow human
beings on the planet with 101,000 deaths recorded in South Africa.

While the battle to minimise and control this dreaded disease continues, there still exists the scourge of another
preventable disease that lurks within our society which contributes to 8 Million deaths each year with 40,000 in
our country alone. It has contributed to 100 million deaths in the 20th century and the number is expected to rise
to one billion by the end of the 21st century. It is the leading contributor to ill-health and death.

SANHA has over the years reminded our community of the harmful and deadly effects of smoking in all its forms
i.e. rolled paper cigarettes, cigars, pipe, hookah or shisha pipe, vaping etc and we make an earnest plea once again
to take heed.

We urge our leaders i.e. the esteemed Ulama, parents, teachers and employers to reinforce the message
of abstaining from smoking and in helping smokers to quit. Links to help the cause are appended below:-

Take a calm look at the facts below on smoking, the costs and its harmful effects on your body. Consult this
regularly to reaffirm your determination to quit. (Click below for articles and cost calculator):

· Cigarette calculator

If possible, rope in family and friends who also want to quit, so that you can support each other. Do not
hesitate to seek help from your Doctor or Imam. Change your lifestyle with exercise, a new hobby, or a new

Download your free copy of the booklet “Kicking the Habit” by the late Moulana Yunus Patel Saheb RA
whose discourses helped thousands in improving their lives –