Issue No.121 – January 2023 : Rajab 1444

The legacy of Islam has presented innumerable contributions to society. The greatest
and most enduring legacy is a living one i.e., the institution of the Ulama,
the Islamic Scholars who are inheritors of the knowledge of the Prophets (peace be
upon them). The Ulama our beacons of guidance and our leaders.

The Ulama have rendered an outstanding service to the Ummah through their many
branches of activities in all spheres. Amongst this is the awareness and education on
Halaal and Haraam, which has set a standard for others to emulate.

SANHA salutes our Ulama, lauds their efforts and supports their initiatives with our
customised programmes for schools, madaaris, Darul Ulooms and public awareness
programs at Masaajid. These programs have been carefully developed and tailored
for different academic levels ranging from the junior primary phase right up to the
senior secondary phase at Islamic schools and madaaris. More detailed and
comprehensive programs, dealing with contemporary Halaal matters, have also been
specially tailored for Darul Ulooms and Ulama.

We shall be honoured to facilitate an exciting and comprehensive outreach program
presented by our Ulama at your institution.

Contact our Helpline on to arrange a program.

“O Allah, we ask You for beneficial knowledge, good provision, acceptable deeds
and cure from all disease”. Aameen.