Issue No.130 – October 2023 : Rabi’al-Thaani 1445

The Noble Qur’aan in Chapter 64, Verse 4 reads, “He Knows all that is in the heavens and
the earth, and He Knows what you conceal and what you announce. And Allah is aware
of what is in the hearts (of men)”.

In keeping with our core principles of transparency and accountability, our report will once
again be published and presented to you at the forthcoming AGM, Insha’Allah. Please accept
this as our personal invitation to you, your family and friends.

Kindly RSVP using the QR code or contact us with the number of people
attending to assist with seating and catering arrangements.

E-mail: / Telephone: 011 870 8006

It is our ardent desire that you will accept our invitation and grace this
event with your esteemed presence.

From our hearts, we look forward to welcoming you, Insha’Allah.