Issue No.131 – November 2023 : Jumada al-Ula 1445

The year end season is just a couple of weeks away and heralds-in times of joy, happiness and celebrations. Schools and businesses shutdown, affording time for local and overseas travel as well as stay at home family reunions.

Eating Halaal is one of the most important commands of Allah Ta’ala that has to be carried out at all times. There is no break from this command even on holiday. It is as important as any other injunction of Islam that defines us as proudly Muslim.

The Qur’anic directive in Chapter 3, verse 102, to all Muslims is, …Do not die except that you are in the state of being a Muslim”.

The inference from the above verse is that for one to secure death in such a state, you have to be in constant obedience to Allah Ta’ala and in full submission to His will. For every person there is an appointed term, termination of which no one has knowledge.

To assist with your Halaal safety whilst on holiday, we provide hereunder links to relevant topics that will Insha’Allah serve as a guide during your vacation.

Outlets advertised as Halaal Friendly

Halaal Friendly can be Haraam deadly. Click here to understand it.

We only go in for coffee. It is an insult to think that as Muslims we will consume the alcohol that they serve.

Give such places a wide berth. Get the Islamic ruling here:

The place is Muslim owned and does not need certification.

Place your reliance on our proven 27 year independent third party quality assurance system.

Click here for a narrative:

When we cannot find Halaal we go for Kosher. That is safest as it is closest to Halaal.

 The link below illustrates that substituting Kosher for Halaal is a grave error which compromises one’s faith.

We use our food apps to order from the Halaal menus of delivery services.

Currently there is no service provider certified for the exclusive delivery of Halaal food. This means that no protocols are in place which regulates the service to prevent contamination with Haraam items or even receiving one’s order from a non-Halaal vendor. Click to view:

How wrong can we go by sticking to breads and cakes from a bakery?

Certification of bakery outlets is amongst the most critical areas of Halaal certification

 Click here for the Knead to Know :

Just say Bismillah and Eat

Get an understanding of this oft misused Hadith.

Don’t be Hasty when it comes to Halaal safety