Issue No. 133 – Rajab 1445 : January 2024

In Islam, Knowledge Is Bliss and Allah is the Most Knowledgeable One. He is Al-‘Aleem!

The expression “ignorance is bliss” is contrary to the teachings of Islam and there can never be equivalency between knowledge and ignorance. Knowledge leads us towards enlightenment, understanding and direction to our purpose in this world, whilst ignorance can lead us to disobedience, sin and deviation.  One is desirable, rewarding and sought after, whilst the other must be shunned and avoided.

While ignorance prevails in many aspects of our Deen, the injunctions of Halaal and Haraam are amongst those wherein ignorance coupled with misinformation abound. We commend the efforts of our esteemed Asaatidhah (teachers) and Ulama, past and present, in preparing tomorrow’s Ummah today.  To support their efforts, SANHA conducts learner/educator programs at various educational institutes of learning such as Madaaris, Masaajid, Schools, Darul Ulooms and other interest groups. These specialised programs are customised for the various institutions and grades and are conducted by our Ulama at your premises. There are no costs attached for this service which we are honoured to provide.

SANHA extends an invitation to interested parties in hosting these programs presented by our Ulama. The programs aim to deepen understanding and awareness of Halaal and Haraam among the community.

To facilitate a program at your institution, please contact the program co-ordinator at:

Tel: 0861 786 111