Issue No.116 – September 2022 : Safar 1444

Health is a boon and blessing entrusted to man by Allah Ta’ala. Negligence in
taking care of one’s health is a betrayal of this trust. In order to worship Allah
Ta’ala effectively, Believers need healthy bodies and minds.

What a person consumes affects his physical health. The Shari‘ah extends the
effect of consumption to include one’s spiritual well-being too. The process in
fact commences even before birth whilst the foetus is being nourished in the
mother’s womb.

Many pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and wellness products contain active
ingredients and/or excipients derived from Haraam sources. Whilst it is the
responsibility of the individual to ensure that the medication being administered
meets Halaal requirements, the Muslim healthcare professional too is entrusted
with the responsibility to prescribe medication which is Halaal compliant.

It is imperative that Muslim consumers and conscientious healthcare
professionals actively engage those involved in the manufacturing, distributing,
dispensing, and prescribing of medication and alert them to the needs of Muslim
consumers. The industry will pursue Halaal alternatives if they are made aware
of the needs of Muslim consumers who make up almost a third of the global
population. Industry will change when consumers demand change.

“Allah has sent down both the disease and the cure, and He has appointed a
cure for every disease, so administer medication, but use nothing unlawful.”
(al-Hadith – Abu Dawud : 3874)