Issue No.120 – December 2022 : Jumadal Ukhra 1444

Our management and staff are grateful for the opportunity and
privilege of serving the Ummah throughout the year, Jazakumullah
Khairan. We request du’aas that Allah Ta’ala accept our feeble
efforts and grant us further taufeeq and ability to continue our
services to the Ummah.

Our offices will be closed from midday tomorrow 23rd December,
2022 and reopen on Tuesday 3rd January, 2023.

We wish all a safe and enjoyable vacation and pray that we remain
cognisant of the importance of eating at Halaal establishments only.
See our holiday guidelines here:

We ask Allah Ta’ala to grant us all a period of peace, quality family
time and safe travel on our busy roads, Aameen