Issue No.125 – May 2023 : Thul Qa’dah 1444

The new month of Thul Qa’dah once again heralds the approach of Hajj.
Across the world millions of people have already begun with preparations
to undertake this great and momentous journey to fulfil and discharge the
obligation of the 5th pillar of Islam. What is considered generally as
a “Journey of a lifetime” is underway for many with the first plane of
Hujjaj departing on the 21st May from South Africa.

As a Halaal certifying body, our perennial message, since inception 27
years ago, is the importance of Halaal and Haraam consumption, whether
at home or on travel, as this impacts severely on our relationship with
Allah Ta’ala and the acceptance of our Ibadah.

We ask the Guests of Allah, undertaking this momentous journey, to make
earnest du’as on the Mubarak days of Hajj that we continue upholding and
executing this amaanah and privilege of serving the community with

SANHA takes this opportunity of wishing all the Hujjaj safe
travels to and from the Holy Lands. May Allah Ta’ala accept
your every sacrifice and crown your Hajj with Divine blessing
and acceptance, Aameen.