Issue No.127 – July 2023 : Muharram 1445

In explaining the essence of a Muhaajir (one who makes Hijrah), our Master, Nabi Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam is reported to have said:

“…..And the Muhaajir (emigrant) is he who gives up (abandons) that which Allah has forbidden (made Haraam).”(Bukhari & Muslim)

The salvation of every human being lies in the obedience to the Commands of Allah Ta’ala. The very first violation of a Divine Command by man related to food itself. So grave was this error that it called for the immediate expulsion from Heaven. It was indulgence of the forbidden food that resulted in man being sent to earth.

Let alone the physical impact of consuming Haraam, the spiritual self is also severely impacted by such consumption.

SANHA’s mission, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah Ta’ala, is towards safeguarding and upholding this fundamental injunction of the Shariah for the past 27 years.

As we enter into this new year, let us heed the message of Hijrah by shunning all Haraam.


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